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C program for calculator

C program for calculator

Name: C program for calculator

File size: 50mb

Language: English

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This program takes an arithmetic operator +, -, *, / and two operands from the user and performs the calculation on the two operands depending upon the. This program will read two integer numbers and an operator like +,-,*,/,% and then print the result according to given operator, it is a complete calculator program. Originally Answered: How can I make a calculator program in C programming language? It'd be pretty simple - using some switch cases. // Performs addition.

In this article, we will show you, How to write a C Program to Create Simple Calculator using Switch case, Functions, and Else If Statement. C code for real time application programs - Calculator program using C - Bank application program using C and many other simple C code with output. I must say, I respectively disagree with @ishyfishy's example of the addition function. Although, I do agree with the point about splitting the.

This C Program simulates a simple calculator. This program performs arithmatic operations like addtion, subraction, multiplication & division. C Program to Make Simple Calculator. To make a simple calculator in c programming which performs basic four mathematics operation, use the switch case to.


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